Weesakechahk tricks the bear

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Title: wîsakêcâhk kâ-wayêshîhâkopanê maskwa - Weesakechahk tricks the bear

Speaker: Xavier Sutherland

Dialect: Swampy Cree

Age Level: 6


Weesakechahk joins a bear that is gathering berries to fatten up and discovers that the bear cannot see well at all. Despite the bears reservations, Weesakechahk convinces the bear to let him crush berries into his eyes, claiming that this remedy is what cured his own eyes. When the bears eyes start to burn, Weesakechahk tells him to close them and meanwhile fetches some stones and beats the bear to death. As he begins to cook the bear, he realizes that he's not hungry enough to eat a lot so he asks to trees to flatten out his stomach so that he can eat but the trees trap him between them and tell the forest animals to go eat the bear. When Weesakechahk finally frees himself, nothing it left for him except the liver and innards he'd thrown aside earlier. This is a lesson about not throwing food away when it is plentiful.


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