Weesahkwechahk and the birds, and why the trees have scabs

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Title: wîsahkwêcâhk nêsta mâka pilêsiwak, nêsta wêhci-omikîwicik mistikwak - Weesahkwechahk and the birds, and why the trees have scabs

Speaker: Sophie Gunner

Moose Cree

Age Level: 6


Weesakechahk enticed all the birds into a trap by tempting them with his singing and building them a lodge in which to listen to him. Only the loon escaped the line but Weesakechahk chased him and flattened his back with a kick until he was dead too. Then he decided to cook them all in the hot sand, and before he fell asleep, he instructed his rear end to make a sound if anyone came. The next morning, however, all the birds had been taken, only the feet remained. In his anger, Weesakechahk put a rock in the fire until it was white-hot and then sat on it. As he walked around after though, the scab on his rear got itchy and he peeled them off and plastered them on the trees as he walked by them. That is why trees have scabs, they say.


Supernatural Birds Weesakechahk

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