The arrival of people here on earth at the very beginning

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Title: mâwaci-oskac ê-takoshinowâkopanê ininiwak ôta askîhk - The arrival of people here on earth at the very beginning

Speaker: Simeon Scott

Swampy Cree

Age Level: 4


Long ago the land we know as Canada was empty. People lived in another land, up yonder. An unseen voice asked a man and a woman, if they would like to go to this another land down below. They agreed and went to see Spider to get to the land below. They did not heed his warnings, however, that only one person may look down from the spider's line and, when both looked, they fell into the great eagle-nest. They were rescued by a wolverine and a bear. The bear taught the people the ways of life on this new land. This is why the bear is respected and considered a wise person. When the White-Men came, they were interested in the Indians' coats and skins, but the two people did not understand eachother.


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