How Chahkabesh snared the sun

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Title: cahkâpêsh kâ-isî-nakwâtât pîsimwa- How Chahkabesh snared the sun

Speaker: Simeon Scott

Swampy Cree

Age Level: 4


One day, as Chahkabesh is looking for sustenance, he sees a trail over a ridge. He wants to know who created the trail and so he lays a snare. He returns home and forgets about it until the next morning when dawn never comes. His sister wonders what could have happened and then Chahkabesh remembers his snare and sure enough, as he approaches it, he finds the sun unable to move. He cannot get close enough to free the sun without getting burned, and neither can other animals except for the mouse with the pointed nose who gnaws through the snare. That is why the mouse looks singed now.


Boy Animals Woman Supernatural Chahkabesh

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