Chahkabesh and the bears

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Title: cahkâpêsh nêsta mâka maskwak - Chahkabesh and the bears

Speaker: Simeon Scott

Dialect: Swampy Cree

Age Level: 4


Chahkabesh finds tracks leading up a hill and wonders what animals are making them. When he tells his sister, she warns him that those are the animals that killed their parents and made them orphans, and that he was never to go looking for them again. Chahkabesh agrees but doesn't mean it. Instead he fashions arrows that can even break stones and when he finds the bears, he shoots one arrow that kills them all. He guts each bear but can't find his parents. When he tells his sister, she admonishes him again but he ignores her again. Then, he goes outside to get snow and his big sister warns him not to look up at the moon but he does anyway and is drawn up and stuck on it forevermore.


Boy Animals Woman Supernatural

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