The legend of Weesakechahk and the flood

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Title: wîsakêcâhk ê-âtanôhkâsot kâ-kî-niskipotênik ômêniw askîniw - The legend of Weesakechahk and the flood

Speaker: Simeon Scott

Swampy Cree

Age Level: 6


When a flood covered every land, Weesakechahk builds a raft to save himself and gathers creatures onto it. He decides, however, that he wants to make more land and decides to lower the creatures he has down into the depths of the water to gather earth from the bottom. The first animal drowns on the way and the second, a muskrat, is near death when Weesakechahk blows it off and collects the earth from the creature's claw. Weesakechahk tells the wolverine to run around in circles until the land is so large that the wolverine never makes it back. Then, Weesakechahk makes his way North, leaving signs of himself behind, and is found at the end of the land by two men. One asks to live long enough to see that his children can support themselves and Weesakechahk grants him this, the other asks to live forever and Weesakechahk turns him into a stone.


Animals Supernatural Weesakechahk

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