Modes of travel

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Nowadays, with respect to travel, not too many people lead the nomadic lifestyle. You see teenagers riding around. I, also, have traveled around by machine hunting caribou only. I have used the ski-doo with my family for the spring hunt. It is effective, and very easy. For instance, I went on a spring hunt with a ski-doo, and I was at my destination in 3 hours which is 60 miles away. So, it only took me 3 hours of travel. My wife and I each had a ski-doo for our spring hunt. We would attach a sled to carry a canoe. After spring break-up, when the river was clear, we came down river with the canoe. We left our ski-doos at our spring camp. During the summer, we would get our ski-doos with canoes. Traveling seems very easy today, almost play like, compared to the arduous journeys of the past.


Modes of travel by Emile Sutherland


Traveling machines ski-doo hunting canoe

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