Beliefs, moose hunting

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As for the “kanachithakan”, if one treats it disrespectfully, or it gets into the hands of another person, the hunt will be unsuccessful for that animal. This happened to me personally. I had killed about 8 moose, about the month of march. It is very difficult transporting the moose as the distances are far. I did not bring back 3 of the moose and since the geese had arrived in the spring, I ignored the 3 moose in favour of the goose hunt. After this, the moose had seen me discard the 3 moose as waste, and I was unsuccessful at moose hunting for the next 3 years. Even though there were plenty of moose in my hunting area, and I saw and shot at moose, I couldn’t kill one. My gun would either jam, or when it did fire, I missed. So, I was not able to kill a moose for 3 years because I had wasted 3 moose carcasses. This is why this belief exists, that you’re very close to animals which you depend on for your survival. These were the beliefs of our ancestors long ago.


Beliefs, moose hunting by Emile Sutherland


Belief kanachithakan moose disrespect ancestors

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