Priests attitudes to traditional beliefs

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These beliefs came to an end when the first priests arrived. The priests preached that these beliefs were evil and on the side of the devil. The priests told this to people who performed the “kosapishcikan”, the sweat lodge, pipe ceremonies, or the drumming. The priest said that all these beliefs were the practices of the devil. Consequently, the Crees stopped these practices and beliefs. My parents had joined the Anglicans, but ten years later, the Roman Catholic mission arrived, and convinced my father to join them. It is said that there was a great struggle between the Anglican and Roman Catholic church to pull Crees into their respective faiths. This is how my grandfather joined the Roman Catholic faith. He came to believe in the priest and not the Anglican church which he had belonged. So, he joined the Roman Catholic faith at this time.


Priests attitudes to traditional beliefs by Emile Sutherland


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