Feeding the sled dogs

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Yes, we used dog sleds and toboggans. We used toboggans "way up" in the "bush". We used to feed them beaver. "Strong wolves" when they eat meat, when there are leftovers, and bones.
We used to feed the dogs moose meat as well, the neck portion. They're are not as strong when they eat "porridge". This did not strengthen them, but eating meat made them really strong. That's what we used and the toboggan. We had 4, and the others had their own. We had "4 dogs" and a really nice toboggan. It was around "9 feet" long. The dogs could pull half of a moose.
This was just the meat as we separated the bones. We just kept the ribs. So, that’s what we used.


Feeding the sled dogs by Sam Cheechoo


Dogsleds beaver moose

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