Travelling by canoe

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We went before Smokey Falls, about 50 miles before it. That is where we would hunt. We used a 5 horse power motor. We used this and an 18 foot canoe. My dad used to take "stuff" there first. Like flour, everything, he would make 2 trips. Next, it would be us, the family... the last trip, all of us. Sometimes, my mother would trek along the shore when the river was dry. Rapids.
We would use "string" and pull the canoe against the rapids. So, we would use the 5 horse motor in deep water, and sometimes the river is shallow, and sometimes deep. Sometimes we would use poles, long poles. This is what we used. We also used dogs, the 4 dogs we had. They were harnessed with long rope and pulled the boat from the shore. I remember this long ago of my father drawing the boat when the river was shallow, and with poles. That's what it was like over there in Smokey Falls. They started their journey early before the freeze-up, about 1 month before freeze-up. Sometimes, it would just be me and my father, my family... our 1 family. And sometime we were with 3 or 4 families.


Travelling by canoe by Sam Cheechoo


Smokey Falls motor rapids poles dogs families

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