Sharing the meat

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My father covered the bones with brush; the bones without the meat. They only covered the bones in brush; they did not hang them as I remember. Also, we used to offer meat to people. We used to give people meat. My father used to offer meat to people. He offered moose meat to people when we met them in the "bush" My father used to offer them food. He used to say, when you "gut" the moose, you cover guts with brush, stuff you can't eat, and bones were collected and covered with brush. Everything, bones, and beaver too That's what my father used to do. However, he used to share...he shared a lot here. When he arrived with meat, he shared some with people. People loved meat long ago. That is what he used to do. So, he taught me not to discard anything away, to do the right thing. That is what I know of the past.
We did not kill many moose, just what we needed to eat. But now, people kill 5 or 4 moose. Some of these people have jobs who are doing this. That’s what they’re doing. We never did this. We would only get 1 or sometimes 2, just what we needed. Now, they kill many moose.
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Sharing the meat by Sam Cheechoo


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