Traditional food, nothing wasted

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Also, bones, were never discarded as they were crushed, and boiled to get at the grease, “ochichikani-pimiy” it’s called. And this lard was provided with meals. But today no one does that today, and everything is discarded, those things that we used to eat. I see a lot of these things in the dump. So for us, everything, bones, my mother used everything and fed us everything she boiled. And from the gravy, she would add oats to thicken it. So nothing was thrown away as I was growing up. But now, I am perplexed when I see so much of the animal is thrown away at the dump and not used like the old days. So I don’t think this should be the case. If someone won’t eat certain parts of the animal, it should be given to the elders who are accustomed to the old ways, because they can’t provide for themselves instead of throwing them away in the garbage. That’s what I think about that, as sometimes I give the elders certain parts of the animal.


Traditional food, nothing wasted by Edmond Edwards


Traditional Food Bones ochichikani-pimiy oats change elders

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