Family, growing up

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But in my situation, I did not have a big family, in fact, I was the only child, in contrast, Edmond had many siblings and I was raised as an only child. So, being alone, I can’t really say that I experienced being hungry growing up. But also, that is what my mother did as well. She did not throw anything away. She preserved and saved everything. My knowledge is more towards fowl, the flying animals…geese, snow geese. I am not familiar with the inland animals like the moose, caribou; my father never pursued those animals. Also, he did not have his own trapping territory, so he just spent most of his time in the James Bay lowlands. So, I remember him in this singular fashion, that he was very good at hunting waterfowl, and I became very good at hunting waterfowl like geese and ducks. He taught me to respect these animals, when to leave them alone, not to shoot at night…he was most respectful of these things. But as for the inland forest, he did not teach me how to trap, to trap the beaver, or to track the moose and caribou. He did not lead that lifestyle. We always stayed in the community. When I was a child, on occasion, I learned to trap a squirrel, a weasel, but that was all I learned to trap, no more. So, I never learned to trap the larger animals, perhaps the muskrat, but not the bigger animals, because he did not own his own trapping territory also called known as “the trap line”.


Family, growing up by John Kataquapit


Growing up geese lowlands hunting food

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