Family: winter and summer travel

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Well, the way we were raised… We were born and raised in the north, on the northern Pike River. Up in the north, our north, about 30 miles from Peawanuk.(Ontario) That’s where we were born. When we traveled, going here to there, a sleigh was used, 2 sleighs with sled dogs. We used to walk beside it, and also we would ride on the sleigh when we were allowed to ride in the sleigh especially when the sled dogs were running fast. This was when we were trying to reach our wintering quarters, and also our spring camp. We also used sled dogs to carry supplies back and forth with my family and relatives. And when we would go to the community, about three times a year, the dog sled was used to get things like flour, tea and so on. We would bring furs like mink, and otter furs to the fur trade store, and from the sale of the furs, we could buy things from the store. It would take 2 to 3 days journey to make this kind of journey, to get provisions for nourishment. But in the summertime we came back home to the community, It was difficult, in my mind, when I saw my parents labour. There was no use of paddles, I remember very little paddling on the river, usually, the dogs would pull the canoe on the muskeg, when we were coming to Attawapiskat. Just like the dogs would pull the sled in winter, the canoe was pulled like a sled by our dogs in the muskeg. The canoe was pulled on the muskeg to the next river, or the lake. This was how traveling was done. It was difficult, particularly with children walking besides, but sometimes we would get to sit inside the canoe.


Family: winter and summer travel by Edmond Edwards


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