Traditional footwear

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We did not have rubber boots, or those boots called hip waders…they did not exist. We used to wear boots made from otter skin. My mother used to make moccasins made of otter skin, with long shins; they were waterproof. My father used to wear these otter skin boots up to this height. The otter skin was waterproof, but you did not want the skin to dry, You wanted to keep the moccasins moist, otherwise if the skin went dry, you could not put them on, because the skin was dry solid. You could use them again after a long “WATER”, so you must keep them moist. So, otter skin moccasins were the normal wear before the coming of “hip waders”. But, on occasion, some people just waded on the muskeg waters without the use of otter skin moccasins.


Traditional footwear by Edmond Edwards


Traditional footwear otter skin

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