Hardships of travel

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So, when we journeyed in this fashion, we would store all our supplies in the boat and the dogs would drag the canoe. We would travel like this until we reached the river where we would all get on again. Sometimes, we would have to carry the canoe to reach a particular river and all of our supplies would have to be carried on our backs until we reach the river. It was very hard work, never easy. Life was difficult in the old days, Today, life is easy. You can use the ski-doo and sled, and bring your canoe to your camp, and bring the canoe back downriver. In the past, it did not look like this. Sled dogs were used, people dragged their canoes, but they eventually arrived at their destinations. It was hard. Even for someone, making the return journey back to the trap line after buying flour, sugar, lard, etc, supplies needed for the winter, you have to carry these things back. And my father brought along all of his children. We were many in my family, perhaps 9. Even though the journey was hard, my father brought all of us. No parent denied their children despite the hardship; they were brought along this arduous journey, back to the trap line. So, it was hard. My father carried the canoe to the next river, carrying supplies. Even on the river rapids, the canoe would be dragged along the shallow shore when you couldn’t paddle up river because of the rapids. So all the supplies you bought, flour, sugar, tea, you have to carry those in a bag on your back and bring them to your next launching spot. So life was difficult, it was never easy.


Hardships of travel by Edmond Edwards


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