Change and survival

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When I see life today, there has been a great change for life, so much easier, I think, in my view. There is food readily available to eat and it was not like this long ago. Today, one gets welfare every month. Not like in the past, there was no welfare. In our case, we always ate something fresh like fish. We would throw the fishing net in the evening, which my mother did. So our evening meal was fish. So, there are a lot of stories to be told about the old ways. I, also, desire the telling of these stories to children about the life we lead back then. I would very much like to see our children learn about the old days, about how hard it was compared to life today. I tell my children about the hardship days, and they do not believe me, and do not understand. We had a hard life during our upbringing.


Change and survival by Edmond Edwards


Change survival

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