Life then and now

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As for vehicles, we did not use them in the past. I only used a dog team to get wood. For many years, I used a dog team to get wood. It was only around 1965 or 1960 that you saw the ski-doo and modern supplies to make life better. Using the ski-doo or mechanical devices, like the chain saw. It was around the 60’s that these things were introduced. You did have any modern tools before, and we used the simple 45 gallon stove as our cooking stove, the heating of our water for laundry, and bathing of children. There was no running water, and if you wanted water, you went and got snow in a bag. My wife and I would alternate in getting snow. Sometimes, when the snow is impure in the spring, I drive to the river since having a ski-doo to haul ice. We did not have running water as we do today. So today, living is very easy, in contrast, you have to chop wood, chop ice, always working to feed your children.


Life then and now by John Kataquapit


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