Transportation by barge

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I can only speak to it a little, this barge. I did see it, and saw the ferrying of cows by barge from Moosonee. I also did see the barge bringing gravel for the building of the school, the former residential school that burned down. A lot of gravel was brought for the construction during the summer, also very fine sand. This is how I remember this barge. I don’t know what happened to this barge that was here. This barge used to dock at the dike located between Sinclair and Anderson Island. That is where that barge would dock and disembark cows. We were told to watch over them, and herd them home. That is all I remember of the boat. The boat that John is showing, I was a passenger in that boat many times as I was ferried back and forth from Attawapiskat. Also, when I traveled to Moosonee, I was a passenger in that boat, heading to the hospital. This would be about 1953, in the fall. This is what brought me to Moosonee, on my way to the hospital in the fall. I do remember all of these boats that were used by the French. But, also, there was another boat, different in design, not too long ago. Like this one and it was called the “great boat”. It was used to ship supplies from Moosonee. But it’s not this one, this one is different. The boat I am referring to was around 1980. It would bring supplies and store goods from Moosonee. I can just barely remember this boat. But this boat was operated by a native person. And this person was from here. That is all I can remember about this boat.


Transportation by barge by Edmond Edwards


Transportation barge

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