Rabbit fur clothing

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There was much effort to keeping us warm by warm clothing. There was a lot of work at getting rabbits. But it was the winter rabbit that was sought, not the summer rabbit. The summertime rabbit sheds its fur easily. But the rabbit that is snared by the neck does not shed its fur. If you snare it by the waist or legs, the fur is not good as it breaks. The rabbit snared by the neck provides the best fur. A lot of things can be made from the rabbit as you have seen. For example; blankets made from rabbit fur, and pants. You could also make bedding from the rabbit fur. All of these things used like this were made from the rabbit. Also, the rabbit ears were never thrown away by my mother. We used to sit around our mother who would work on the rabbits, and she would sever the ears and cheeks off, and give them to us so we can roast them in the fire. After we roasted the ears and cheeks, we would eat them. We used to eat these parts when we were sitting around our mother who would give these parts to each one of us. She would hang the rabbit skins outside to dry before she would use them. She would sit for a long time working on the rabbits, and making blankets out of the rabbit skins, or coats for our use. Also, the rabbit gave us socks. The socks were not constructed; the rabbit fur, as it was, was ready to be worn like a sock. Hats were also made by my mother from rabbit fur. Nothing was discarded, everything was used. Today, nobody uses the rabbit fur for anything.


Rabbit fur clothing by Edmond Edwards


Rabbit fur clothes food

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