Rabbit: food, medicine, clothing

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I also saw those things that Edmond is describing. And I also saw my mother making blankets from rabbit fur. She would make different sizes of rabbit blankets. She would make a blanket size for two or for a single person. I saw her make this. And she also hung the rabbit skins outside. The rabbit skin is simply cut round to make a long strand and is hung outside. You only do this to the winter rabbit during the cold season. The rabbit also provided socking and especially for newborns, the rabbit fur provided a warm, comfortable diaper and urine is kept warm, not cold. The rabbit fur was also used to wrap newborns to keep them warm. This is what I remember. Everything was used. Similarly, as stated by Edmond, the rabbit ears were used as the nipple by our ancestors to appease the baby who is crying. That is how the rabbit ear was used. However, the rabbit ear was cleaned if used this way. I saw my sister use the rabbit ear in this way. She was taught to do this to comfort the crying baby when there is nothing else in the woods. This is what I know. The rabbit was very special in a medicinal way. The rabbit has virtually no fat except right on his shoulder. This fat on the shoulder is very small. This small fat is considered special medicine. I was told of a story by a cousin. A child was born premature and the baby’s skin was drying up. But this small fat from the rabbit was used on the premature baby.


Rabbit: food, medicine, clothing by John Kataquapit


Rabbit fur blanket medicine baby

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