Spiritual practises

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I never saw a different spiritualism in my life living with my parents. That is all I can say about that since I never saw any other spiritual practice. For instance, the reverence of an animal and the like. I do know that the bones of the otter were thrown into the fire, and did see some bones and the skull hung on a branch. But I was never told why such bones were hung like that. Perhaps such bones were to commemorate some hunt. Sometimes, coming ashore, I would see some skull hanging where someone had camped before. Sometimes I would see some bones hanging. I did not know, and no one told us anything about what the purpose these bones had. All I heard said was if you throw away the remains anywhere, you won’t be able to kill the animal again, you are giving disrespect to those remains. People used to take care of those remains so as to kill successfully again. The ancestors used to say that you won’t be able kill successfully if you discard remains like bones just anywhere. I don’t see anything like that today such as the respect of bones and such. In older days, bones would be thrown into the fire and not discarded just anywhere out of carelessness.


Spiritual practises by Edmond Edwards


Bones respect beliefs

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