Changing spiritual beliefs

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We were not taught traditional spiritualism from the French. They just told us that those traditional teachings were bad. So, my family and I did not think about the traditional teachings at all which are being revived today. However, today it is not so strict as you are now given freedom to form your own opinion. Long ago, traditional teachings were rejected by the Catholic view, but when the Pope arrived in Canada in 1984, I think, he traveled to Fort Simpson, And it was there that he blessed the traditional teachings. The traditional teachings that natives do today like sweet grass ceremonies, and the like, the Pope blessed those things since natives used to have those ceremonies long ago. But, since the arrival of the French, they put a stop to those practices. They said it was not good to perform those practices. The pope arrived in 1984 and wasn’t able to go there due to bad weather but promised to go. Eventually he arrived there and he blessed the traditional spiritualism of the old days. But what we see today of the younger generation, after a child is born, like 2 days or 3 he is baptized already. That is what happened to all of you and my children. That is the catholic teaching and how we were taught. Today children are not baptized right away. It could be months even years before a child is baptized. But in my day, baptism was performed right away. This was how we were taught. My mother, and the French taught us the catholic faith.


Changing spiritual beliefs by John Kataquapit


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