Importance of education

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Education is very important. That is what I told my children. I have 6 daughters and three sons. I was very determined that they succeed in school since I did not teach them the traditional way of survival as I did not have my own trap line. All of them successfully completed their schooling. All 9 of them finished high school and also some went on to post-secondary. That is how I encouraged my children. I really stressed to them to get their education since I was unhappy that I did not obtain any skills from school like learning to speak English. When I left IRS, I did not know how to read English books. I was only taught how to read and write in my own language and only learned very little English. I did not know how to do anything after completing three years of school. I did not speak English, and also did not pursue it. All I could do was count one, two, three, four, five, six in the Cree language. That is all for me.


Importance of education by John Kataquapit


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