The 1905 Treaty

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It was taken away from them. I mention that people wanted to stay at the assigned reserve located up the Moose
River. They should have been allowed to live there but instead they were forced to come to the Island to live here like
the rest of the community. The natives were the first peoples here in Canada. The government wants to control the
native people. The Métis also were placed in mid-section of the community. They lived down river here, but were
told to move further up the river when this reserve was created. In regards to the Treaty of 1905, I cannot name
anyone who would be more knowledgeable. However, the reserve which is located up river is 36 square miles from
South Fluff to Partridge Creek and it goes that way nine miles and it goes back to French River and back again.


The 1905 Treaty by James Small


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