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Yes, they were very healthy. I’ve seen older people hunt just like the younger men. When people started to use the
store-bought can food that is when their health declined gradually. They were very strong and healthy when they
ate wild animal food like moose, caribou, beaver, geese, partridge, rabbit, water fowl, birds and fish. They drank
the broth and didn’t use salt on their food except to salt fish and meat to preserve. In those days, the elderly were
healthy. We didn’t have any garbage scattered all over the place because we didn’t have any plastic materials. We
didn’t have any store-bought bread. We made our own bannock.
Nowadays, there are no strong elderly men and women in our communities, unlike long time ago. They lived longer
and were able to pursue their traditional activities. Life is different now. People do not seem to bother each other.
People used to gather long time ago and celebrated.


Health by William Cheechoo


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