Traditional Skills

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I didn't really spend time in the bush with them, like I said before. I grew up in a residential school in Fort Albany.
The most important thing they taught me is to be responsible as a Catholic and they were dedicated to their religion.
People those days didn’t have that much free time because they were busy doing their chores like cutting firewood
and hauling the wood, pulling the sleigh themselves and other traditional work. And they worked constantly. They
used to wear some kind of padding over their forehead and that’s where the rope goes to pull the sleigh; ideally it
gives you more strength that way. Everybody worked together as a team.
Yes, definitely. That’s very true. There were no distractions to disrupt your life those days, unlike today. They had
excellent attitude in everything they did in the traditional way of life. My own friends were very good in that way
like beadwork and making moccasins and mitts from moose or caribou hide. I never noticed my grandmother do
these things, or my aunts.


Traditional Skills by Mary Sutherland


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