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There are shortfalls everywhere in education. The children cannot learn because the schools are not in good
condition. The children do not have good schools. For instance, we have one school, a high school. The elementary
students go to school in the morning while the high school students go in 2:30 till 9 p.m. They are not in school
all day. It shouldn’t be like that, the government wants the children to go to school. Every effort possible should be
done by the government to improve the short falls of every school in the communities. Isn’t that in the government’s
interest for everyone to get proper education? There is public outcry as well for proper education to improve lives.
Isn’t that right?
It is very difficult in accessing schools but, the government is not interested in helping for proper schools.
It is a slow process. The repair to the school here is going quickly. However, transporting materials by way of the bay
is slow.


Teachings by Evadney Friday


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