Marriage, parents, responsibilities

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A variety of events took place when someone wanted to get married. My father had passed by the time I married. My partner and I were already communicating. It took time for me to get married. My mother wasn’t too happy about it because by then I was the only female in the household helping her. My elder sisters had already married. We had a younger sibling at home.

My mother was not pleased at the thought of me getting married since she relied on me tremendously. My mother was pregnant when my father passed on October 3rd. My sister was born December 20th. I delivered her, I was the midwife. My mother was still grieving and I was left to look after my sister. I bottled fed her, Kilm milk powder. She grew up and went off to school. She now lives in Ottawa, the youngest one. My mother was still not happy at the thought of my marriage. It took three years before I got married. But it finally happened. My husband's parents were already dead, he never knew them, barely remembered his father. He was raised by another family.

His adopted mother was the one who persuaded for the marriage to happen. My husband was already skilled and a good trapper. I was also skilled having helped raise my younger siblings. This is reason why my mother wanted me to remain at home. The adopted mother persisted for our marriage to happen and we eventually did marry.
We had a feast. Feasts were common with marriages. We had a square dance the next day. My husband was a good fiddler. Dances were often held, sometimes till dawn, 4 am. I enjoyed dancing, step dancing, square dancing even the contemporary dance of today. I love to dance.

I got married on January 28th, Two weeks later; we went off on a honeymoon. We went off into the forest. I walked ahead with our snowshoes and our dog. We lived out on the land most of the time but returned when school started for our children. They all went to school, including high school. That’s what happened after our marriage.


Marriage, parents, responsibilities by Anna Bella Solomon


Marriage parents responsibilities roles feast honeymoon living on the land

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