Life in the bush

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Yes, I lived in an aski-kan in the bush during the winter. After the school year, we would leave in September to travel up to the Kaposkow river. We were called ‘Kaposkow-inenowuk’. We would only return in the summer to this settlement. We were gone for ten months in the bush. The Kaposkow river splits off into another river, this is Cecile’s river. We stayed in Kaposkow on our own traditional river territory. Other families camped at their own traditional sites along this river and up the river. That is how people lived long ago The life on the land was harmonious despite scarce resources. Everyone continued to hunt, including my parents, grandfather and grandmother. Traveling up river in the fall, we would set up camp and pitch up a teepee. Four huge polls were pitched to make it sturdy. The bark was stripped to brighten the inside of the teepee. We covered the tepee with grass and mud. The meegwam was large, called ‘ash-shish-ki–we-meegwam’ – mud tipi. We lived in it. It was suitable for one family.


Life in the bush by Anna Bella Solomon


Life in the bush aski-kan travel life on the land

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