Life story

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Look the way you see me now. Once I left residential school, I walked and accompanied my father trapping just before he passed. He died when I was sixteen. I had barely spent any time home after I left school. I believe I was thirteen by the time I left residential school. We didn’t learn English, at least those of us who went to school during this time. It was only in 1957, that the English language was introduced in school. By then I was at home with my mother, shortly thereafter I married. I helped my husband out on the land. I did all kinds of things. I trapped and canoed up river. We had no outboard motor. There were a lot of rapids up river. We had a small rope my father had kept. Afraid of the rapids, I would gladly get out and drag the canoe along the shore of the river. That’s what we did. We would stop three times, once for breakfast, lunch and supper. There was no outboard motor. I canoed on my own too with poles, while my husband traveled in his own canoe. It would be good to split the stories we’ve shared here today. To create short stories with illustrations.


Life story by Anna Bella Solomon


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