Role of girls and women in Fort Albany

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It’s not like long time ago. It’s very different now, it was hard long ago. We use to fetch water using pails with a yoke around your shoulders to haul water from the river bank. That’s what I did. I fetched water from this river whenever it came time to do laundry back in the days of the tub. I also hung clothes outside. I never refused what I was asked to do; you simply did as you were told long ago without objection. I use to fetch water for my other grandmother, my mother’s mother when she wanted laundry done. I would hang her laundry as she requested. We use to collect rain water in barrels too which were placed along the perimeter of the house to collect water for laundry and drinking water. This rain water was fresh and we drank it on a regular basis. That’s what I remember living here in Petabeckoohk (Fort Albany).


Role of girls and women in Fort Albany by Marie Cecile Kamalatisit


Role of women laundry obeying parents and grandparents

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