Residential school, livestock, garden

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I can speak about this given my experience in residential school. We had horses, pigs, cows and chickens. They were brought in by freight boat while we were in residential school. All these animals were brought in. The French missionaries built a large barn for the livestock. There was a nice piece of land across the river. There was a clearing with great big gardens. Potatoes, carrot and turnips among other produce were grown there by the missionaries. We were fed these while in school.
Yes, we enjoyed eating these vegetables. I think that’s the reason why we didn’t mind staying in school despite our hardships there.
The superintendant would make his rounds in the community to register students for residential school. He would ask, ‘will he or she attend’? Occasionally our father would say, no. Some would cry, upset wanting to go. We enjoyed it there. At that time we were probably more attracted to the food the school provided despite hardships in there. All the same, it was hard.


Residential school, livestock, garden by Anna Bella Solomon


Residential school livestock boat missionaries garden food

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