Transportation then and now

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Also, it was an arduous task to come to the community in the spring. We would trek over the muskeg over a week. We would "protect-wrap" our pants when walking over water and ice on the muskeg. We also walked because we were not allowed to be inside the canoe. We used to cry. While they were dragging the canoe I cried because they wouldn't let us ride the canoe. There were too many of us.
As it was for me, traveling on snowshoes. The snowshoes that we see around today are the snowshoes that I used. We also used dogs. The dogs pulled sleds and I also assisted in pulling the sled. The dogs would wear harnesses and this harness is attached to the sled. This is how we go on our journeys. We would use the dog sled, and carry our canoe on the sled. We would travel far, perhaps over a 100 miles, just hauling our canoe. This was our equipment long ago for there were no mechanical vehicles. As far as I can remember, and becoming of age, I never saw any modern vehicles in the trap line, like these fast vehicles here. I only saw the aircraft and we used it. The aircraft was used to fly to the trap lines. The aircraft made it easy to travel to our trap lines. The fare was not very expensive and it put us about 100 miles out. The air service was called Austin Airways, the first service to be here. They offered us air service to our trap lines when they were here. You would pay for the air service on credit at first. The store manager would pay the air service, and only when you had brought back various furs like beaver, otter, and mink, then you paid your bill.


Transportation then and now by John Edwards


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