Cost of transportation

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Today, when one travels, we have fast vehicles like the ski-doo: you ride only for 3 hours. So, where the airplane took me, now I can be there in 3 hours with a ski-doo. Now, it is very easy to travel, and we also have modern canoes. Also long ago, we only used birch bark canoes. There was no canoe covered by wood. Currently, there is everything. However, things in the past were inexpensive, not like the prices today. We can't afford the prices of these things. For instance, ski-doos are expensive. When we were living here, my father bought a ski-doo. He bought this ski-doo from the Anderson's store, I believe for $600.00. How my father paid for that ski-doo, I do not know. Perhaps from his old age pension which was only about $55.00 a month. Perhaps from his employment at the RC mission, he paid for all the things he accumulated here. But no one made good wages here. One only made about 3 dollars a day for 8 hours work. You were paid 3 dollars a day. I don't know how my father saved money to buy things. He must have been really cheap with his money. When I think about him, I think he must have been very good at saving his money.


Cost of transportation by John Edwards


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