Welfare, survival

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Today, there are many things to distract you. Its seems that this is where all the money is going; to alcohol. For instance, the 40 ounce bottle...can I talk about this? It costs $350.00 right now. And this is where someone's money is spent. The welfare money that people get, they spend this money there. Today, the young person won't even buy some groceries first. Instead his money goes directly to the bottle. He does not have the sense that he must first buy some food for his survival. They don’t buy any food at all when they get their welfare. Their welfare money just goes to alcohol. In the old days, it did not look like this. Alcohol did not exist long ago and its effects. I do not remember alcohol to exist when I was in the far north. So, as for travel long ago, the sled dogs and sleds were used in travel. It did not matter how long your journey was, you used your dogs and sled.


Welfare, survival by John Edwards


Alcohol cost welfare survival

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