Winisk, goose hunting

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And where I was born, on the Winisk River, it was rich with wildlife, plenty of animals, snow geese. So there was plenty. My parents were born even further north, about 100 miles, But this hunting lifestyle, it was a good experience, hunting was exciting. I did not experience any difficulty growing up, it was pretty easy as the area was rich with wildlife. For instance, when fowl hunting in the fall, when it gets cold, all one had to do was shoot, make a pole line, and you can hang a group of 6 geese on this pole, and this is what you see, groups of geese hanging down. And the winter comes, and the geese are left in this fashion. They do not spoil as it gets cold. Also, there was no such thing as stealing, as you see today. These geese provide nourishment for a long time and each person has his own pole line. “Akootchi-wewhew-a-noon” it is called, this pole line of hanging geese in the fall.


Winisk, goose hunting by Emile Sutherland


Hunting Winisk snow geese pole line akootchi-wewhew-a-noon

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