Moose meat preparation and storage

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When we arrived at our trap line, the first thing we did was hunt for moose before the winter. And so, the moose meat would be prepared by the women. Nahemoni-hka-non itwa-non. The moose meat is smoked. A campfire is made with the stripped meat hanging from poles to dry. Afterwards, the smoked meat is buried for later use. If the winter has arrived, the meat is stored in a raised platform supported by 4 poles, so the things can be placed on top. So this is where we would store meat such as moose meat, caribou meat. At this point, we are starting to trap beaver. We have beaver pelts, and the beaver carcass is cleaned and placed on this raised platform as well to be frozen with other meats. We cover the storage so birds and crows can’t get to it. And so, this is our “fridge, freezer”. So, this is how our “freezer” looked. It was just outside hanging.


Moose meat preparation and storage by Emile Sutherland


Trap line Nahemoni-hka-non itwa-non moose meat smoked women beaver storage winter

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