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As for the stories from my father, he used to say that they suffered misery and hunger as he was growing up, compared to my childhood, when there was plenty of food. But in my father’s case, he said the people were starving. This was a long time ago, before the coming of the Englishmen. Sometimes people did not eat at all. At times, they would not eat for 4 days, only drinking water. So, when a caribou was killed, they all decamped as they did not have many possessions. All they had were bedding blankets and they did not have possessions: people did not own possessions. When a person left, he only left with a toboggan with bedding blankets and my father never mentioned a tent. They would make a wigwam probably out of furs. So, they would just take the toboggan and journey to the place where the caribou was killed. People were so hungry that even if the hunter arrived at night, the people would immediately decamp and head for the caribou carcass. It did not matter how dark it was because people were desperate for food. However, there were times when the wildlife was plentiful, and sometimes there was nothing. But it happens that sometimes there is very little wildlife and at times there is much wildlife. There used to many caribou.


Starvation by Emile Sutherland


Hunger starving toboggan food desperate caribou

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