Traditional clothing

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The way it looked before having European clothes, furs were used in the form of leggings like the cowboys, and the fur also covered the extremities. My father said this is how people dressed. The dressing fur was about the size of a large towel, and wrapped around with a belt. The fur would be stitched along the sides, and a belt placed here, it would look like shorts, not pants.Then moose moccasins would be worn with socks made from furs. Furs such as mink fur or muskrat fur, would be used as socks. Moccasins from moose hide would be made in the winter. This is how one dressed in the winter. He also mentioned a coat made from rabbit fur, and rabbit fur is very warm. Hats were made from rabbit fur, or beaver in the winter. The mitts were from moose hide. My father said it was warm wearing these furs, and nobody was cold. The blanket made from rabbit fur was used as a blanket in the winter. To make a blanket for one person, it would require about 30 rabbits, but 60 rabbits would be required for couples. For two people, he said 60 rabbits. As for the queen size beds, you needed 60 rabbits to make a blanket to fill it. So for blankets, one used rabbit fur, and for bedding, you used caribou fur which was made soft and you slept on the fur side. My father said there was no modern bed, one slept on the ground. But this bedding was warm as I used myself. I have caribou fur like that; I keep it, as I made it myself 15 years ago. I have this bedding caribou fur, but I don’t have any rabbit fur. I would love to have some rabbit fur to show it around.


Traditional clothing by Emile Sutherland


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