Life then and now

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As for today, I will say that I have never seen anyone to carry geese up the river bank . Not like 15 or 20 years, when hunting was a common activity. Frequently, and everyday, you would see someone carry geese up the river bank and this was before the coming of vehicles. People would walk carrying their geese after hunting in the bay. But I don’t see anyone doing this anymore, and the old ways are being forgotten. Well, what’s happening is that the government is preventing the use of the land. And it’s working due to the program like welfare and the buying of groceries. Also, the availability of alcohol has made people preoccupied with drinking. Today no one carries on the activities of yesterday. During our hunting days, we did not pay attention to those things. We were always hunting and spending much of our time in the forest, or the bay. Things are so different today. Many traditional ways are not pursued today. Perhaps the young generation has not learned the skills of the traditional lifestyle. And it is the case that many parents are pre-occupied with other things and do not teach their children these skills. As for me, I did not have any sons, only my grandsons that I could teach the old ways. However, they are not interested and prefer to go to the city even though I taught them hunting skills. That is all I can say for now, until the next question.


Life then and now by John Edwards


Elders hunting geese traditional skills children teach today

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