Traditional dwellings

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I will first speak to my lodgings during the winter in the wigwam. We stayed in the wigwam all winter one time as I remember it. There was a moss hut beside it but I remember that it was only being used: we just stayed in the wigwam. We continued to use the wigwam as we felt the moss hut cold, I believe. This is what we used to live in when I was a young child in the north. It was around 1947, or thereabouts, that I am referring to. I never felt that I was cold, or ever thought that my existence was dominated by cold. We had used rabbit fur, and fashioned it like pants, coats, and hats. So, I was never pre-occupied with cold. Today, the winter clothes you buy you feel the cold. But you did not get cold with the clothes we used long ago. When I wear store bought clothes, I feel the cold coming through. As for these houses today, I am seeing some very nice housing. The young generation must think these houses are really good, those that never experienced the old life. And now that they reside in these comfortable houses, they must feel that they are living well since they did not use the old lodgings. And also that they can buy anything they want to wear. This was not the case in the past. The people only used furs for clothing in the country. No one bought things like clothes from a store in the past. These clothes that I wear did not exist. My mother made our pants since manufactured pants did not exist in the country. My mother used to make pants, and coats for us. We did not buy anything off the racks like we see today. There are a lot of stories to be told about the old life and the way we lived. Life was hard as I remember it.


Traditional dwellings by John Edwards


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