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Many people starved in the past. My father remembered this when he was a child, the starvation. My father said that the starving person would just be left behind because he couldn't keep up. This is the way it was then, someone would just be abandoned like that. But sometimes the abandoned person would return, the one that was thought unable to walk Like this elderly lady, she would be abandoned. She was lying beside a campfire. She saw a blue jay; she caused her nose to bleed, and she rubbed some blood on her arm and lay there. So when the blue Jay landed on her, she caught the bird. This is how she regained strength, after catching and eating the bird. So she returned to her group who had abandoned her.
This shows the importance of everything, nothing is regarded lightly. My father used to say this. Every animal is nutritious even though they look insignificant, such as shore birds, our ancestors ate those as well. It is said that people used to survive on the blue jay look ago. Even the crab was eaten long ago, and all things were used for survival long ago.


Starvation by John Edwards


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