Faith and respect

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Referring to religion, it’s true that my parents followed the faith, but you hardly see anyone practicing this faith now. For instance, the holy rosary. The fathers used the holy rosary when they were praying. They also used to sing hymns. Now, you hardly see anyone using the holy rosary for prayer. You see someone just going to church. There are only a few of the elders who still use the holy rosary in prayer. As for animal bones, and the burying of these bones, the bones were buried out of respect for the animal, and because God had given this animal to them for nourishment. But we, today, just discard the bones anywhere. We do not show any respect for those things that our ancestors had respected. My mother carefully buried the bones, not discarding them anywhere, out of respect to the animal that had offered itself; they collected the bones, or some hung them up. Today, there is no concern for the bones, and they are just thrown away. We don’t think about how we live, we just take living for granted. That is the way life is today. It’s because we have too much of everything, like food. But long ago, there was a scarcity of food and people ate once, in the evening. Also, people did not have matches (fire) in the past. They carried their fire on a sled. I did that too where we transported fire in a pail. Then when we prepared camp, we blew the cinders back into a flame. That is how the ancestors got their flame to make a campfire. The fire in the cinder would never go out because they would always check to make sure there was fire in there. If the fire went out, they would get very cold. So, they were very careful about things. Today, for us, we have everything. Fire is easy to make with our lighters, matches and all other devices that we have.


Faith and respect by John Edwards


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