The Drum is from the south

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My parents never used the ceremonial drum. I never saw my father drumming nor my mother. Also, I never saw anyone up north were I was raised doing this. I never saw anyone to do this, to drum on these drums. All of these things we see today like this drumming all came from the south. They come from the south. You did not find anything like this up north. However, they did do ceremonies a very long time ago, but I personally did not see anything that I can remember. I never saw anything. I never saw my mother or anyone else use these ceremonial devices. It was not until we moved to this community that I started seeing this drum, but I never saw anything in the north.
I believe that is the only religion (RC) that my parents followed. They always went to church, never missing a service. They never missed mass. They were very devout, and went to church every evening. As for native spiritualism, they never did any of that, just the catholic faith. Perhaps they only knew the faith that was taught them by the traveling priest long ago. I can’t say if there were spiritual leaders long ago. But I can only speak about what I saw in my life. It was around 1947 that I started becoming aware of things. I think I was around 7 years old. I was born in 1941. So I was aware that priests arrived in the north where we lived, using sled dogs in their travels. The priests would travel once a year to the family settlements. I remember father Lavoie arriving one time.


The Drum is from the south by John Edwards


Drum south church pope priests Father Lavoie 1947

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