Marriage vows

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This question you're asking about marriage are asked to keep your marriage vows after you accept the ring: the ring you put on in church in holy matrimony. At first, this is what people did; they maintained their vows in marriage. Our grandfathers took care of their vows of marriage but my generation did not take care of their marriages. Soon after I got married, I was separated. The reason why I became separated was drinking. Drinking alcohol led my life astray. Today, those people who lived in Kashechewan, like these people here, maintained their marriage vows. To this day, they are still married and do so until death. The one pictured here. Nothing broke their marriage. Perhaps they were weary of those things that distract one from a successful marriage, so they carried through with their marriage. Many elders maintained their marriages. My colleague here also is still with his wife. But I look like a fool sitting here. I did not stay with my wife; she left me early. I drank too much and this is where I made mistakes.
Our ancestors did not use alcohol and did not affect their lives. But in my generation, we had problems with our marriages. Only a few of my family are still married like my brother, and your father. Today, couples just start living together and ignore marriage. We don’t see anyone getting married anymore. A person just goes and lives with someone. I say this because that’s what my children do even though I talk to them about a proper marriage. I tell them that, after I die, I will be responsible for their moral behaviour on earth. When I face God in judgment, I will be responsible for their actions in life. If I advise but they don’t take my advise, I will be responsible before God in judgment, if judgment day is for real. I laugh anyway. There is nothing wrong with laughter. Laughter is included in everything, even in serious discussion. It doesn’t matter where you are, in meetings, you can include laughter.
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Marriage vows by John Edwards


Marriage vows drinking alcohol ancestors mistakes judgement laughter

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